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Successful gunsmithing is simply the careful execution of a modest number of easily understood wood- and metal-working techniques. It only takes a love for firearms, a few tools and some practical advice and knowledge, which comes in every issue of American Gunsmith-your key to getting better performance from today's newest production firearms and adding value to yesterday's classics.

Each month, American Gunsmith will show you the tools and techniques of gunsmithing: exactly how to repair, refinish and upgrade your guns with step-by-step instructions, photographs, exploded diagrams and troubleshooting charts. It's all here-lock, stock and barrel. We'll show you how to

  • mount scopes,
  • adjust trigger pull,
  • recrown a barrel,
  • true an action,
  • tap receivers
and more complex procedures such as
  • how to checker your own design;
  • fabricate and mill replacement parts;
  • brush-plate small parts;
  • rework military triggers;
  • reblue barrels;
  • case-harden metal; and
  • anodize aluminum.

Want to install a compensator on your M1911? Optimize an SKS trigger without sacrificing reliability? (It's a two-hour job that can save you a quick $100--and weeks of waiting.) Change the trigger parts on a Glock? Alter the spring on a Browning Hi-Power? We'll show you how. American Gunsmith is packed with specific information for specific guns.

Most important, you'll enjoy the security and satisfaction that comes with the ability to maintain and repair today's firearms.

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